The Most In Everyday Technology

Opera_Mini_on_Gear_S_Shortcuts_WideIf you come to think about it, we deal with technology daily. There are plenty of instances we come across things that were scientifically identified, discovered or proven.

Scientific knowledge has vastly improved the quality of life at many different levels and the quantity of lives saved, improved and profited just by applied technology. From a microscopic level to the global health issues, these have been researched, studied, developed and discovered.

Technology made it possible to inform public policy and personal decisions on the use and optimization of energy. Even in coming up with energy efficient alternatives. From proper use to conservation of resources. From primitive to modern agriculture capable of feeding billions and coming up with sustainably designed food program.

The Technology In Modern Life

It is quite impossible to overstate how much technology has contributed to modern life with its theories and development.

If you think technology doesn’t affect us at all, you have to think again. Technology affects us all every day of the year. Be it from the moment of waking up, all throughout the day, and going through the night. Your alarm clock which may be digital or analog, the report on the weather, the road of asphalt that you drive on your way to work, the bus at the corner stop, your mobile phone, the online fax software, the antibiotics for the viral fever, the faucet’s clean water and a lot more. All of these have been brought to you courtesy of technology.

All these were technology enabled. It wouldn’t be a modern world without understanding the technology governed by development.

Finding Cure With Technology

Technology has modernized medicine. Late 1700s saw Edward Jenner inventing mobile_technologies_power_importancevaccination. This has helped a lot of diseases being eradicated where it used to plague humanity. Germs being a source of disease was established in the 1800s by doctors and scientists. The first antibiotic was discovered in 1920s by a biologist.

From the smallpox eradication to addressing many forms of nutritional deficiencies to deadly infection treatments which turned out successfully, medicine has come a long way. It is powerful to see modern medicine’s impact globally. Many people alive today owe it to technology as many diseases have become easily treatable.

Technology In Progress

Just try imagining a day without including scientific progress. This will show it clearly how deeply technology is interwoven within our lives. Just to begin, without modern technology there wouldn’t be electricity.

Beginning with Benjamin Franklin’s research on static and lightning in the 1700s succeeded by Alessandro Volta’s battery invention. Then the relationship between electricity and magnetism was discovered. Technology has built up the electrical understanding which led to a lot of different inventions. Now our voices are carried over telephone lines. We watch television entertainment and of course, we keep the lights on at night.

Technology In Feeding Millions

Technology has paved the way in transforming how, what and the way we eat today. It has modernized agriculture. In the 1940s, high yield varieties of corn, rice and wheat were developed. This has ushered the Green Revolution. New fertilizers and pesticides were likewise developed by chemists to assist in growing food. These chemical increased exponentially the food amount that can be harvested from a single field.

nest2testThis resulted to an increased amount of food available. It has transformed the agricultural practices as well with impact on economic structure.

Technology In Packaging

Made by a chemist in the early 1900s, the synthetic plastic has been developed extensively in various forms and function. Chemistry has developed a wide variety for all sorts of jobs. Bullet protection, dental floss, biodegradable shopping bags among many.

Plastic has been criticized lately for polluting the oceans and harming the marine life.